About Injection Correction

Injection Correction is a company that has been established since 1996. During this time, and after considerable research and development working closely with the motor trade throughout the UK, the company has progressed to the position of being able to offer a truly fantastic range of products directly to the public for the first time.

Due to the nature of these products, and the obvious risks involved in testing them, we have previously only offered this range of products to specialist engineers and vehicle technicians. That is, until now! 21 years of working closely with people who scrutinise and demand improvement consistently, constantly seeking perfection, has finally paid off.

The Finest Products

As you can tell, we are not the sort of people to sell a product that is not as good as we say it is. Our own vehicles are treated with our own products on a regular basis, so you know that we have unwavering belief in their quality and effectiveness.

All the vehicle workshops that use our products as part of their servicing programmes will tell you that the product is as good as we say it is. Time and time again, before-and-after tests consistently show proven results.

Don’t Worry about Emissions

When it comes to emissions, an MOT is no longer something to worry about, because the internal cleaning products we offer have that covered. They clean your engine from the inside, often dramatically reducing the harmful emissions a dirty engine will pump out.

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