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Standard Emissions Buster – Best Value

  • 1 x Injector Cleaner
  • 1 x Engine Oil Flush

This offer is available for EnviroPlus orders taken through this website. We estimate that a year’s supply of injector cleaner should be no more than 2 cans per vehicle. Some customers buy more because they say they always know someone else who could benefit.

Engine Flush

  • 1 x 400ml

EnviroPlus Engine Flush allows the oil to pass more freely around the engine and all of its components. This action helps dissolve and free any built-up blockages. Effectively, it is a cleaner. It frees off the hydraulic valve lifters and frees off sticky piston rings, thus balancing the compression of all the pistons and restoring maximum power and performance back to the engine. This also helps to keep the new engine oil cleaner for longer. Use it during your next oil change, and you will notice the difference immediately.

Injector Cleaner

  • 1 x 400ml

This superior injector cleaner can simply be poured into your fuel tank with the spout provided to restore power, performance, and fuel consumption and dramatically reduce your engine’s CO2 emissions. Our advanced injector cleaner is specifically designed to clean the engine’s internal fuel injection system and remove build-up caused by carbons, gums, and waxes. All you have to do is drive.

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