High-Quality Products That Cleanse Your Engine and Injector System

Created over many years through extensive research and development, our fuel injection cleaner and engine oil flush will restore the power and performance of your vehicle. At Injection Correction, we supply our first-class products to both the public and trade, allowing any driver to keep their car and engine in top condition. Our range of products includes:

EnviroPlus Advanced Engine Oil Flush

Stop the destruction of your engine and save money by keeping it running longer.

EnviroPlus Fuel Injection Cleaner

Clean, restore, and improve your fuel injection system.

Other Available Products

  • Air-Con Sanitiser
  • Throttle Body Cleaner
  • Radiator Flush BW17
  • Cool Running
  • Radiator Stop Leak
  • K Seal
  • White Grease
  • Friction Fighter
  • Oil Seal Conditioner
  • Super Penetrate
  • Seal-Up

For Public Users

All our EnviroPlus products are available for members of the public to buy. However, we recommend that those of you with limited knowledge of mechanical application should always consult your nearest vehicle workshop before applying these products to your vehicle.

For Private Users

Primarily, our EnviroPlus products are sold directly to the professional motor trade. We welcome members of the motor trade to purchase these products for use in their workshops, and full technical specifications and test results are available upon request.

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